10 Things about me

Hello readers!

So to kick off my new site I thought I’d start off by writing 10 things about myself, to become less anonymous to my readers.

  1. My home- I live in Wales, it’s a lovely place. My local town is small but everyone practically knows each other and we have an awesome flag! 255px-Flag_of_Wales_2.svg
  2. A Graduate- I am the first  in my family to graduate university last year with a degree in English! It was the hardest 3 years of my life (so far) but the stress was worth it, I learnt so much.
  3. My 4 legged friend- I have a Dog, a dobie (doberman) She is a huge pain and a complete nutter (It’s true about the terrible 2’s)  but I love her!15965577_10211013172861533_1649491503441263693_n
  4. Marvel mad – I am a huge Marvel fan, Avengers being my favourite!
  5. I love taking photos, i’m no professional but I am happy with the pictures I take, here are 3 of my favourite’s ..
  6. My favourite tv show- Hard choice but Id have to say Big Bang Theory! It is a great show and I love to come home after a long day and laugh at the gang’s antics.
  7.  Anxiety and Depression-  I live daily with them both and I am not ashamed of it. It is not easy at times, there are days where I can’t bring myself to leave the house or get out of bed.
  8. Baking- I love to bake! Its so good I make cakes, cookies, brownies…loads. I may share one or two of my recipes too 😉
  9. Favourite song- I am big fan of music, I listen everyday to youtube but if I had to pick, my ultimate favourite song is Christina Perri’s – A Thousand Years.
  10. Favourite Superhero- Being a Marvel fan I think all superheroes are awesome, but my top favourite is Thor. He is a badass God from Asgard and I cannot wait for the new Thor Ragnarok movie.

So that’s it. 10 quick random facts about me! 🙂

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